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The Very Best Algebra Notes

The Very Best Algebra Notes for the Very Best Flash Games



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Learn how to become a top-notch game programmer quickly and easily with BookMark Tutoring's series of online Flash AS3 lessons. With BookMark's lessons you can learn to program flash games the way the professsionals do. Our game symbol programming methodology, based on Object Oriented Programming philosphy, lets students create game piece libraries that can be used over and over again to create new game compositions.

At BookMark we give students the computer skills and the math, science and engineering skills needed to make the very best games. We take the time to familarize students with computer termininology and the operations and mechancis of computer software and hardware. We reinforce and teach math and sciecne concepts that are needed to create games. And we always listen to the students needs. And we structure lessons and courses to those needs. Our lessons are both formal and informal. Students can ask any question they have and can receive advice and assistance on specific coding projects that they want to implement.


Introduction to Flash Programming: In this lesson the student is introduced to the Flash CS6 interface. The menus, commands, and timeline are introduced along with the mechanics of how to work with them. Students are shown how to import images into the Flash stage, how to convert images to symbols, how to tween and animate graphic objects in timeline development mode. The AS3 code editor is also used. Students learn how to create variables and perform simple mathematical calculstions with AS3 computer code. The AS3 application programming interface (the command reference) is also introduced. Student is also introduced to online Flash AS3 compilers that let students create Flash programs on the Internet.

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