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Trig Calculator Notes
Enter angle in degrees
Cos, Sin and Tan to accuracy of 0.1 degree




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Enter in the angle in degrees to find out the cosine, sine or tangent of an angle.

The cosine, sine and tangent of the angle will appear in the lower output boxes

Enter Angle in Degrees
1.0 cos(x)
0.0 sin(x)
0.0 tan(x)

Problem: Ms, Duck has to find the shortest path home. She decides to fly along the hypotenuse of a right triangle to her home in Alaska.. She knows that her flight path along the hypotenuse is 30 degrees North of East and that her home in Alaska is 100 miles directly to the East (she does not know how far North her home is). How far must Ms Duck travel along the hypotenuse of the right triangle to make it home. .

Solution: The cosine of an angle is equal to ratio of the side adjacent to the give angle divided by the length of hypotenuse to the angle.

Cosine (Angle) = adjacent/hypotenuse

Rearranging this equation gives

Hypotenuse = adjacent/cosine(angle)

Plugging in the values gives

Hypotenuse = 100/cosine(30)

The cosine of 30 degrees is 0.866 so the hypotenuse is equal to 100/0.866 which is approximately 115 miles. The shortest
path home for Ms. Duck is to fly 115 miles North of East.